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Attorney Melissa Larsen

       Melissa Larsen is an experienced trial attorney and former Rhode Island state prosecutor who brings over a decade of experience in criminal and family law and financial planning to her practice, offering you client centered, result-driven representation for your legal issues. Her mission is to assist you and your family during difficult times by paying close attention to your needs though clear and prompt communication while offering cost effective representation. Whether it is to dismiss or settle your case, Attorney Larsen will continuously strive to obtain the best possible result for your case.

       Attorney Larsen has quality trial skills that enable her to offer aggressive representation. In every case, she strives towards acquittal, dismissal or reduction of charges. Attorney Larsen believes that her clients are best served through personal attention and dedication. Attorney Larsen will handle your case with professionalism, skill and passion.

       Attorney Larsen has a general law practice with a principal focus of criminal defense. She offers vigorous representation in all types of criminal cases and brings a wealth of experience from her work as a Special Assistant Attorney General in Rhode Island to provide you with the best defense possible. Attorney Larsen provides excellent criminal defense in both State in Federal courts in all areas including:

• Assault

• Battery

• Child Endangerment

• Child Molestation

• Child Pornography

• Cyber Crime

• Disorderly Conduct

• Domestic Violence

• DUI / Refusals

• Driving with a Suspended License

• Embezzlement

• Tax Evasion

• Tax Fraud

• Warrants

• Lewd Conduct

• Kidnapping

• Manslaughter

• Marijuana Possession

• Marijuana Cultivation

• Marijuana Sales

• Medical Marijuana

• Narcotics Offenses

• Expungement & Sealing of Criminal Records

• Extradition

• Felony Assault

• Fraud

• Hit and Run

• Juvenile Hearing Board Matters

• Juvenile Prosecutions

• Post Conviction Relief

• Rape

• Robbery

• Sexual Assault

• Statutory Rape

       In addition to criminal defense, Attorney Larsen is available to help with your needs in Family Court, such as divorce and agreements for child custody, support and visitation.

       Attorney Larsen also handles all types of personal injury cases, including automobile accidents and negligence claims.

       Finally, Attorney Larsen possesses an intricate knowledge in the areas of estate planning and fiduciary issues and can prepare your will, trusts, power of attorney and living will.